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Owner Relations

Royalty & Interest Owners

Owner Relations Helpline: (214) 838-2763

Owner Relations Email: Land@VerdadResources.com

Owner Relations Mailing Address:

Verdad Resources LLC
Attention: Division Orders
5950 Sherry Lane, Suite 700
Dallas TX 75225


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I send documents to transfer my interest?

  • Owners, their heirs or authorized parties must supply recorded documentation via the Owner Relations email above or mailed to our Dallas Office. Please note that changes are not automatically forwarded from a County to Verdad and we are unable to make transfers without supporting documentation. Please review the Division Order Transfer Instructions link below for additional information

How do I set up revenue owner direct deposit?

  • ACH forms are mailed with all physical revenue checks each month
  • Please note, as of January 2024, all new ACH updates & changes will require verbal verification and all forms must be received via physical mail. We no longer accept updates to stakeholder information via digital files in order to enhance our protection of their information

How do I update my banking information?

  • Contact Owner Relations through the Land email or Helpline directly for further instruction

Do I have to set up direct deposit?

  • No, direct deposit is optional

How can I print my revenue statements?

  • Revenue statements are attached to every physical check
  • If you receive your payment via direct deposit, your revenue statements are available online through EnergyLink. Please contact EnergyLink directly at http://www.energylink.com or call 888-573-3364 should you have questions with setting up your account or to receive account check detail

How do I change my address?

  • See the download section below to print an Address Verification form and W-9

File Downloads

Division Order Instructions & Calculations

Owner Relations Change of Address Form

Division Order Transfer Information

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