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Environment, Health, Safety and Regulatory

Our EHS&R Commitment

Verdad is committed to the mandate to develop and produce natural resources in the state of Colorado in a manner that protects public health, safety, welfare, the environment and wildlife resources.

Integrating a sophisticated management system into our daily activities helps foster an injury and near-miss free workplace, minimizes our environmental impact and maintains our social license to operate.


Environment Health and Safety Policy Statement

Verdad Resources is committed to conducting our business in a manner that protects the health and safety of all personnel at company facilities and that minimizes the impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate. Acting on that commitment, Verdad utilizes an EH&S Management System to ensure excellent EH&S performance. The EH&S management system employs a simple, smart and strategic approach that expects and empowers all staff and contractors to have personal responsibility and authority to ensure safe and environmentally conscious decisions and execution of work at all levels of our operations. By adhering to this approach, we strive to minimize injuries and incidents while protecting the environment and complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations. This Policy, the commitment of Verdad Resources leadership and the execution on the goals the policy describes are critical to the wellbeing of all employees and our business success, and allow us to systematically minimize losses and add value. Helping to fulfill these goals is the responsibility of everyone who works at and with Verdad Resources.

Responsibly Developing Colorado Oil And Gas Reserves